• Bullet Journal February Setup with gold flowers by glitter is black

    Bullet Journal – February Setup

    Hello again!  Finally, after four month of not posting my bullet journal setup I think it is time to show you something new! I was having a hard time with my journal. The layout did not fit perfectly, I wasn’t using it and I ended up with multiple lists on different papers which was super messy. But I took myself…

  • cover picture for digital art line art tutorial by glitter is black

    Digital Art – Line Art

    Today I want to share something about a program I spend most of my time with – Photoshop. I want to share 3 tutorials for creating beautiful Instagram pictures with line art decoration by using Adobe Photoshop.

  • cozy place with laptop and popcorn by glitter is black

    Let’s watch – series I have never finished

    Do you have those series you started months ago but never finished? I do! Today I want to tell you a few series I started watching but never got through for different reasons. This post is made in collaboration with Lisa from fowers and crowns.

  • BuJo october cover with harry potter theme by glitter is black

    Bullet Journal – October Setup

    This month’s Bullet Journal theme is: Harry Potter. Well, Harry Potter is nothing new for me. Last year I had the same theme for October, too. I loved it and thought: Why not?

  • bullet journal september setup thumbnail

    Bullet Journal – September Setup

    This month the theme is all about leaves and the beginning of autumn. I loved the simplicity of line art designs lately, so I went for another one. Every page is decorated with different kinds of leaves.

  • August bullet journal monthly setup line art by glitter is black

    Bullet Journal – August Setup

    Hello sunshine! Yes, I’m back with a new Bullet Journal Setup. I know that it has been a long time since my last post and if you have read this article, you might wonder why I’m posting something about Bullet journaling first. If you haven’t seen it: click here! „If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan – not the…

  • BuJo Setup April by glitter is the new black

    Bullet Journal – April Setup

    it is time for a new Bullet Journal setup! And while writing this I just realized that it is April 1st - just to be on the save side: THIS IS NOT A JOKE :D This month the theme is: Game of Thrones!