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5 quotes for 5 feelings

Hello sunshine!

Today it is again all about creativity! As you may or may not have seen, my latest blog post was all about sketching and drawing. To be honest I spent a lot of time using my bullet journal, but usually not as much as I took for painting these sketches.

Today I want to show you something similar to the sketches from last week, but this time it is all about quotes! For me this is way faster to draw/ write and still beautify each page. Moreover, you can express more feelings, which is what I want to tell you today.

Actually, this is my second post of this kind. I already have one „5 quotes for 5 feelings“ post on my old German blog. Feel free to check it out!
It is really easy to start: search for the feeling you want to see in your Bullet Journal or wherever and go on pinterest. You will find much inspiration there how you can write it or even the words to express that feeling.
Today I want to show you my ideas for those 5 feelings:

Decision-making power | Motivation | Self-confidence | Inspiration | Reliability

(please note, that everybody interprets the feelings different and this is just my interpretation)

decision-making power hand lettering by glitter is black

#Decision-making power

Do you know those days where you have so much to do that you don’t know where to start? I had a lot of those days during the last weeks and I will have more. I know that my Bullet Journal is a big help, but sometimes I struggle in motivation.

Why am I doing this? What am I doing first? What are my priorities?

People make so many decisions every day without thinking about it! For those days where you cannot start that easily, this quote is made for! Finding the right decision that makes you happiest!

My birthday last week showed me, that I am in an age where I always thought I would be adult. And realising that I am not what I expected to be is strange… but I am happy and I am using my time on earth. 2018 has given me so many opportunities to get to know myself and where I want to be or who I am, that now I know where my path is going (or at least I can assume). I made decisions and I regret some, but time goes on and tomorrow is a second chance. But someday, you need a little reminder to know what you really want.

hand lettering quote motivation by glitter is black


As mentioned above, I recently struggle with motivation. Not that I am lazy (someday I totally am) but more unproductive although I am busy all day. And when I saw this quote, I thought that if is perfect for those days.

Whenever you don’t know why and why: remember to do it for yourself. The future is not written down yet and you can change the world.

And if you decide that today the best thing you can do for yourself is doing absolutely nothing, then let’s do this!

hand lettering for confidence by glitter is black


For someone like me, who has experiences with bullying and self-doubts, it can be difficult to hold my head high. I hope that everyone knows that feeling of the days when you don’t feel perfectly styled, beautifully made up and just on point.

But even those moments can give us positivity, because it is your decision. You decided that you don’t need makeup to look pretty, it was your decision that today is the perfect day to make these jogger rock. If you don’t want yourself to feel like you feel now, change it!

We can not change yesterday’s choices, but we can change today’s!

So: let’s be pretty today! Let’s be strong! Let’s be positiv!
Inspiration hand lettering quote by glitter is black


Believe me or not, I trust in the magic of mindsets! And with the thoughts from the quote before in my head, I think I can succeed in even more.

I actually have this quote right next to my front door in Germany and it feels like an extra booster when you leave. It seems to be an old basic, and I am sure you have read quotes like these a hundred times. But you can never read it to often! Someday you will need this reminder to fight for your dreams!

hand lettering quote reliability by glitter is black


Honestly I never had a quote written that simple and minimalistic, but I really like it. And it is true!

With all these quotes above I try to get more positivity and strength in my daily life… but it is not easy!

You will fall down, over and over again – trust me I know that! And maybe at some point you will sit alone in you room crying, because it is just to much. And this is okay! You “just” need to find your power again to restart tomorrow again! You need to struggle to know that it was worth it!

Ok and this should be enough.

I just realised that I included a lot of the trouble I’m currently fighting with. I have a few more weeks in Scotland and I can’t wait to go home! I’m missing everything so much and sometimes it is so hard to decide again and again that I will go on until the end! Nevertheless, I hope that you find inspiration and motivation!
What is your favourite quote? Let me know in the comments below.

See you next time!♥

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