Bullet Journal march setup by glitter is the new black
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Bullet Journal – March Setup

Hello sunshine!

Another month is already over, which is why

the next month of my Bullet Journal needs to be prepared.

In February my Bullet Journal helped me a lot with my exams and prevented from stress. Now, all my exams are done and I need to change my system again to make it suitable for my current holidays. Therefore, I want to show you my

Bullet Journal setup for march.

Because both months of 2019 had more feminine and warm colours I wanted some cooler colours, and decided for a light icy blue. To make it not to cold I chose to decorate the month with crystals.
I already did this theme once in September 2017 and thought it is time to remake this to see what differences I can implement.

Back then non of the pictures was selfmade, they were all printed out from other artists and I just decorated it with colour accents. This time I absolutely wanted to make everything by myself (which actually was a longer process than I thought it would be).

Instead of the big artwork I usually do, this months cover page is a big letter with rising crystals on the side. I found this idea on Pinterest and tried to transfer this to the uppercase M without paying attention to the kind of crystals I drew. I just wanted it to look pretty 😀

Because the pages of my Leuchtturm1917 are very thin I created the monthly overview digital and printed it out. I tried to make it directly on the page but you could see the backside of the page which was awful

For the monthly overview

I chose a new structure – well, not new but not used in 2019. The vertical array is devided in Business and School, because in the middle of March my Uni will start again and I need to coordinate my Blog and my side job.

Bullet Journal tracker march by glitter is black

To be honest the tracker annoyed me a little bit

in the end of February, because I concstantly needed to add circles or it reminded me of doing something I did not wanted to do (e.g. workouts) because I was to lazy or unmotivated.

I still like the theory of a habit tracker and the results show that it works (because I did thos annoying workouts for those annoying circles and I was proud afterwards). And I will try to use it more in March and give it a second chance. We will see whether it wourks or not and I will think about it again when preparing my Bullet Journal for April.

On the other side of this spread I placed a new overview for my blog,

which I already tested in February. Unfortunately, it failed because I did not look at it as often as I should and honestly I wasn’t interested in doing anything for social media.

So, this spread is filled with overviews which did both not work well in February but I will try again in March. Hopefully they will do a better job and if not I need to change something.

Bullet Journal dutch door by glitter is the new black

As you can see, I already used this week

and I really liked it, because I have been using a structure like this for the last weeks. I have enough space for each day to write down all my to-do’s and arrange them with priorities. Basically this page is shaped simple but to highlight the dutch door I decorated the edge with a sketch to have a little bookmark.

BuJo weekly spread march by glitter is black

I’m currently so happy with those half pages,

that I couldn’t resist to have them in my Bullet Journal setup for March as well.

All my weekly spreads are simple and as functional as possible, to have a good use of them. So that this week also have enough space for each day, but not to much to make my to-do list limited. As long as I have holidays I try to use them to be lazy, because those are my last „holiday“ as I know them and propably the last time I have nothing to do for weeks. So I try to keep those lists short, before it will get seriouse again.

BuJo weekly spread march by glitter is the new black

Although I have used this kind of spread several times, I’m still not sure whether I like it or not. Technically you have enough space for each day and I like the seperation of appointments and tasks, but on the other side the columns are very small. Nevertheless, I will use this spread in March again but with the little extra of an note section at the top.

I have used way to much sticky notes last month

and couldn’t find them when I needed it. This should stop now and I will try to write it all down at one place – this is what a Bullet Journal is meant to be. I hope that I can implement it.

BuJo dutch door weekly spread by glitter is the new black

March is the first month in 2019 I need to prepare 5 weeks for my Bullet Journal and so I went creazy with the dutch doors and made them one after another. This means that the week in the middle needs to be smaller than the others, but it looks good to me. There is no space for a sketch or any other decoration but I can see the ones from the side before and after. I don’t need decoration on each and every page – this efficient and clear page also looks great.

BuJo march weekly spread by glitter is the new black

And the last week doesn’t look different to the others, but with less space for the weekdays and more for the note section. This week will be the first week of the semester and I will definitely need to structure all the new information about everything and write down long-time tasks and projects. The next months need to be prepared and for that I often write down every information on one page. On the backside I have a little planner with my timetable and the deadlines for exams and projects, but it you want to see them in detail just tell me in the comments below and I will make a new blogpost about my Bullet Journal organizations for university.

Those are my final scheduled and decorated weeks in my Bullet Journal.

It took me several days to finish those pages and honestly, I had a point where I wanted to give up and leave it without sketches, but I did finish it. It looks so different than the first time I made it and I’m happy that I designed the sketches all by myself and those are my first digital sketches. I am not sure which variation looks better but it is satisying to say I made them by myself instead of it is just printed out from another artist.

I hope you like this Bullet Journal setup as much as I do. Feel free to tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

See you next time. ♥

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