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Let’s take it to the next level ❤

Hello sunshine!

Well, we haven’t seen in a while and if I would be famous I could say I took a backseat … but I’m not and I want to be honest: I had no idea what I want to tell the world and how I can make your day a little bit better with my words.

My blog has been without added value during the last month and it was more a “I have to” than “I want to”. It did not feel right anymore, and I think now it is time to change it. But this time it is difficult, because it is not the overall look which I want to change – it is my whole presence on social media. When I started this blog, it was a project for a module in university and because I was abroad, had so much time to be creative and had the necessity to create something stunning for my class to impress my teacher. And I did! I was so motivated, and it was so much fun! But since I’m back in Germany I had to write exams, prepare presentations, apply for internships and work every weekend… I haven’t had the time to find the inspiration I had in Scotland.

So, let’s face reality: I have changed and so my blog must follow!

After a week of brainstorming and deep thoughts (and reading the book The Why Café) I found lots of ideas for new content.

And after years of writing about Bullet Journals now is the time to reduce this part. I don’t have the time to create as much art as I would like to show you my best versions. I’m not using my good old Bullet Journal as much as I want to, and I don’t want to show you something I don’t use. Probably I will still show you my monthly setups but no longer each month and every detail. I need some time to find my balance with creativity and usefulness again.

Even so you don’t have to worry that you will never see any Bullet Journal posts ever again. I still have plans to show you some inspiration here and there!

You can look forward for new topics such as: TV series, student life, studying abroad and relationship or fitness.

I know some of them sound familiar, but I have big plans, great ideas and hopefully I will find the time to prepare some posts to have a little reserve for busy times.

Another change will be the language! It takes me so long to write the text and translate it afterwards and although most of my reader are German, I want to reduce it to just English. This is the language my head is using whenever I get creative – I have no idea why, but it is the way it is. So, if you want to keep reading my texts but in German, you can activate the google translation or whatever browser you are using. But as of now I will only publish English texts.

And those are my great news!

It is nothing overwhelming for you, I know. But for me, it has been a huge decision to cut back on Bullet Journal content and finally start to write about the things I currently would love to read. And I hope you will like it as well!

See you next time ❤

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