August bullet journal monthly setup line art by glitter is black
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Bullet Journal – August Setup

Hello sunshine!

Yes, I’m back with a new Bullet Journal Setup. I know that it has been a long time since my last post and if you have read this article, you might wonder why I’m posting something about Bullet journaling first. If you haven’t seen it: click here!

„If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan – not the goal!“

After finishing all my exams I thought I would have enough time to redesign this blog and create new content. Well, I did not expected that I will be busy with my side job that much. The result was the opposit of holiday – it was a stressful week. But: I’m happy to show yoou the current (new) version of and!

bullet journal line art cover page by glitter is black

Nevertheless, let’s focus on todays topic:

My Bullet Journal setup for August

Not only my blog has changed during the last weeks – so did my Bullet Journal! I have switched from a Leuchtturm1917  to a new one, which I found on amazon. The pages are a lot thicker (120g/m²) and whiter than the Leuchtturm ones. I don’t want to grumble on that but I thought it was time for a change.

My August starts with a cover page.

I decided to go for a line art theme with some color. Lately, I really enjoyed making those simple art pieces. For the lettering on top, I used my new stemps. It is inspired by Plant Based Brides Videos.

Bullet Journal monthly log by glitter is black

Unfortunately, I haven’t been using my Bullet Journal during the last weeks of May and in early June. Which was mostly because of the setup. The overwhelming Game of Thrones theme in April, was to much and the tip of the iceberg. 

In may I did no special theme at all, and in June I went for a simple leave theme. 

This Monthly Overview, is made with simple lines and yellow highlights. I do not enjoy my Bullet Journal wihtou any kind of creativity, but everything in moderation.

bullet Journal august weekly by glitter is black

I decided that I want to give myself the space I need for each week and a chance to make it fit for each week.

Therefore, I no longer prepare one month in advance, but each week at a time. So today, I just have my first week of August painted. I went for a new system I also have seen on the channel from Plant Based Bride. It is called a running weekly.

Basically, you write down all your to-do’s for the week in one long list (at least the ones you want to do this week and haven’t scheduled a specifit date yet). And when you have done it, you can tick of the task. The goal is to have everything done by the end of the week.

The running weekly helped me a lot to avoid endless daily to-do’s.

I went for two days on one page, which means two spreads for the whole week. I have enpugh space for each day and if I don’t use it, I still can make it look pretty with some doodles or sketches or quotes.

bullet journal running weekly by glitter is black

It is no longer my goal to create something pretty, I can show online. I need something productive, helping me to organize myself and all the tasks I’m responsible for.

Currently, I’m inn love with that system and I hope you will like it to. Again, I can just recommend you to watch the videos by Plant Based Bride. I absolutely love her Journals! And I will keep you updated about how the running weekly works for my.

And this is everything I can show you for my August Bullet Journal setup! I know it is not as much as I would usually do, but I have changed and so did my Journal. I hope you can understand it and you like the new system.

Have oyu ever struggled with your Bullet Journal? Please tell me your story in the comment section below.

See you next time! ❤

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