BuJo october cover with harry potter theme by glitter is black
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Bullet Journal – October Setup

As you might have seen in one of my latest Bullet Journal articles, you know that I have changed my system to something I would call a running system. As the month goes on I’m drawing each week whenever I need it. Therefore, I can show you the first pages but not the whole.

This month’s Bullet Journal theme is: Harry Potter

BuJo cover harry potter theme by glitter is black

Well, Harry Potter is nothing new for me. Last year I had the same theme for October, too. I loved it and thought: Why not?

Last year my inspiration was the country where I have lived. I have been to Scotland, which is an important location for all the Harry Potter movies. I visited places live the original Hogwarts castle and the famous bridge where the train drives to Hogwarts.

However, this year I was in the mood for the movies again and watched them all in one week.

For the monthly overview, I didn’t change anything compared to September. It is a square for each month and decoration around it. You can see a vial of Felix Felicis and other potions. Above all is the famous quote: „After all this time? – Always“ from Snape and Dumbledore.

BuJo weekly with harry potter theme by glitter is black

For the first weekly spread, I got inspired by Amandarachlee. She chose black as the highlight cover for October. Unfortunately, my white pen is no longer as bright as it should be.

My weekly spread looks the same as it did last month.

As I did the last couple of months, I did one spread for Monday till Thursday. And on the next spread is the rest of the week including a running to-do list.

I wrote the names od the days vertically. Bus the dates on top of each column are horizontal. As a little „extra“ I tried to make the days look like they are sparkling. Imagine the word „monday“ would be a spell for something…

Additionally, I already scheduled my meals for this week. I wrote „B“, „L“ and „D“ every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner and added all my meals. I’m not sure whether I can realize it this way, but at least I have a plan.

bujo harry potter weekly spread by glitter is black

As a result of me rewatching all Harry Potter movies, I had to draw one page for Dobby. Although I don’t like his look, I love his character. Dubby is my epitome of loyalty and friendship. Since the first time I have seen the movie, I crie every time he dies.

I’m not sure of how I will decorate the upcoming weeks. If you are in the mood for Harry Potter Bullet Journaling, feel free to check out last years post here.

What would you include in such a theme? Should I make one page for my Hogwarts House? By the way: it’s Hufflepuff.
Please tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

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