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Bullet Journal – September Setup

Hello sunshine!

it has been a long time since my last bullet journal setup. as I have told you in my last Bullet Journal – August Setup I changed my system. I’m no longer preparing a whole month at once but every week as I need it.

This month the theme is all about leaves and the beginning of autumn.

I loved the simplicity of line art designs lately, so I went for another one. Every page is decorated with different kinds of leaves.

My August has been very bright with all the yellow parts. I konw that it does not look that yellow on the pictures, but in reality it is the colour of sunflowers.  So this month I wanted something muted more like gold but not as gold as my July (which you haven’t seen yet but I’m sure you will see it soo. Anyway: this month’s colour is „deep ochre“ from Ecoline (No. 07).

bujo monthly cover page by glitter is the new black

My Bullet Journal monthly spread for September

During the last months I have used this layout quite often. It’s big enough for every important date or deadline, and it has space for notes underneath. 

I had to blur some information, because as I said I have used this spreads for 3 weeks now. Usually I edit the pictures so you cannot see that there has been any note on the spread before, but this time it was not that easy and I want to show you, that I actually use my own spreads.

I went for a vertical lettering for the word „September“ on the left side edge. The leaves are inspired by a drawing I saw on pinturest, as all my drawings are. To make them looklike they are behind the calendar-box, I used a bigger black for the main drawing and a tomwob grey (N75) for the parts behind the calendar.

BuJo weekly spread by glitter is black

This is my first weekly spread for Septmeber

Honestly, this week was a mess. I had so much going on and this spread was a perfect fail. It is not enough space for each day and I ended up not using it, as you can so on the days of the weekend.

But first things first: why did I organized it the way I did?

Well, I thought that one page fortwo days was to much. And so I tried to put a whole week on one spread, but I wanted to keep my running to do list. I made theschedule for the week on the left and the running to do list on the right side. The special about the running to do list was that I tried to prioritise my tasks. First all the things I try to do on a daily basis, such as a habit tracker, and then priority 1,2, and 3. Well…. I did not have the time to do any of my prio 1 tasks,and everything else was done on the weekend.

Bujo weekly leafe design by glitter is the new black

So I wanted to make it better the next week.

Again, I went for a weekly spread on one page.

Now, you might think I did not learn anything from the fist week, but I did. I changed the running to do list one the right side back to the basic layout. So I had much more space to use… but actually, I did not use it.

It looks prettier though, but it was not much better than the first week. Again, I had not enough space for each day. It is a perfect reflection of my current feelings. Having to much to do and not enough time/ space to even start everything.  

Although they have not been as handy as the should have been, both weekly spreads look beautiful.

I love the golden colour with the simple line art. It gives me the perfect vibe for early-autumn or late-summer.

Bujo weekly spread autumnal design by glitter is black

And this is this week's spread.

It is different than the weeks before but still one week on one spread. I had a similar design in august, shich I loved and so I recreated it. Instead of the whole week on one page,I made four days a side and the other three days on the otherside. And at the bottom right corner is enough space for my running to-do-list, which has never been longer than 8 or 10 tasks.

I went for a autumnal leave desing.

the divider between the days is made of different kinds of leaves. Some of them are colored with my golden monthly colour.  Honestly, I have not expected it to look that good. I’m in love with this page. Not because of the layout – we shall see whether it is good or not, but with the whole autum theme.

I already added all my daily times (wake up, train, start working, done with work, gym) and some important meetings. It became my routine to write down my daily to-do’s the night before and so I have still enough space left to do so.

And this is my current monthly setup for September!

I hope you like the look of it and my honst stories about the spreads so far. I’m a fan of posting beautiful pictures on Instargram, but I also want to show you the truth.

Have you ever had a spread that turned out beeing the unhelpful page you have ever created? I would love to hear your story!

See you next time! ❤

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