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My marketing internship

Hello sunshine!

If you follow me on Instagram you might have read some words about my internship. Well, it is no secret that I am studying and part of it are professional practices. So it was my time to be brave now. I was going my way from a relaxed student-life to a full time „adult“-life.

Today I talk about my internship as ahead of the marketing department.

this is me - glitter is the new black

Let's start with the beginning: my application process

I started looking for internships in early March 2019. Because of my semester abroad, most of my friends were one semester ahead.  Therefore, they already had started their internships. They all told me that it was difficult to find a good place and most of them didn’t even get paid.

So I started creating my CV and cover letter in a unique form, representing my creativity. Not every cover letter was the same but it had the same layout. However, sometimes I used some sentences twice.

How I found my internship

All in all, I think I wrote 15 applications. I was invited to 8 interviews and 5 of them asked me whether I would like to work there. My problem was that I had applied to some of the greatest companies in Germany and I would have to work in Munich or Frankfurt. This would have meant to move in a new city on the opposite side of the country without my dog and my boyfriend. In addition, the payment was not enough to pay for moving and the new flat while my boyfriend still lives in our flat at our hometown. (he had to stay here for several reasons)

Please imagine: me sitting at my desk, very frustrated about everything, scrolling through the job page of my university. I found this one little job offer in the city 10 minutes away and started writing my cover letter. I send them my application the next morning and two weeks later I had the interview. Luckily, it was very good and I got the internship!

What was I doing?

Well, from the very first day I was on my own. I was expected to be the head of marketing because there was no one else. I had to do everything from printing stickers, designing flyers, creating presentations or simply posting on Facebook or Instagram. As a result, my daily to-do list has always been longer than my working hours but I learned to prioritize tasks.

Final thoughts about this internship

Thinking back I realized that I learned a lot… I mean A LOT!

Because I was on my own I head to research everything I did not know. This caused that at the end of every day my brain felt squishy, but it was amazing. Furthermore, even if I was the only responsible person for marketing, I was part of a team. All my colleges were super friendly and I think or I hope that I used my internship to show them how valuable I am. So I gained a huge amount of marketing knowledge but also soft skills. Above all, I have had such a great time.

What’s next?

I’m so happy to tell you that I’m still working at this company. We changed my position from intern to student employee and I’m working 20 hours a week. Besides this, I’m starting to write my bachelor thesis.

You see: I have been very busy lately and I think it will not change.

What about you? Have you ever done an internship or worked in a marketing department?

Feel free to tell me your story in the comments below.

See you next time! ❤

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