Bullet Journal February Setup with gold flowers by glitter is black
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Bullet Journal – February Setup

Hello again! 

Finally, after four month of not posting my bullet journal setup I think it is time to show you something new! I was having a hard time with my journal. The layout did not fit perfectly, I wasn’t using it and I ended up with multiple lists on different papers which was super messy. But I took myself some time to think about how I want to use my bullet journal and why. Today I want to share my story and my latest Bullet Journal setup.

The theme for Ferbuary are golden flowers!

I used a lot of gold with black lineart and a bright lilac. It is the Tombow dual brush pen number 620. For the gold parts I userd a uni-ball signo in gold in combination with a winsor newton fineliner in black with the size 0.1.

Bullet Journal monthly log with gold lettering

My last Bullet Journal setup I showed you was October last year. Feel free to check this out as well. But to be honest, I didn’t like how it looked and I did not use it as much as I needed it. The black and white theme was to dark and reflected the bad weather. All in all it was absolutly the opposit of what I want my Bullet Journal to be. I stopped showing my Journal since then. 

I created a theme for Nevember which I loved! It looked pretty and I was using it a lot but again I was afraid of not using it enough. I posted one picture on Instagram, which has been my last one on this platform for months. After showing this page in public I realized that my problem was not the theme or the colours – it was the presure to show something pretty to the world.

In my opinion it is a huge problem that you can only find pretty Bullet Journals online. If something is not absolutely straight or you spelled something wrong – it is not worth publishing it! And I don’t want to support these approaches anymore. I want to use my Journal the way it is the most helpful and supportive for me. This is why I show you my February setup at the end of the month. I want to show you how it actually looks after using it for weeks.

Bullet Journal February weekly with gold moon and flowers

My monthly log is one one page with a little square for each day. I used it as a monthly overview because sometimes I don’t have every week prepared but I need to write down a date. 

This picture showes my first week of February. I had to blur some information about my tasks at work and sensitive data. I wrote the week on one side with different tasks for each day and appointments. On the right side it is a running to-do list for the whole week. Whenever I did something that was on this list I ticked off the row. Bus as you can see: not every row has been done.

bullet journal weekly setup with gold flowers by glitter is black

The next two weeks are on two pages with a dutch door between. This is a page slightly shorter than the others. When I cut the page I thought I could use those pages for one week, but as I started drawing I changed my mind. I only needed one page for one week.

And so I painted the first one on one page with a little space for my running to-do list on the bottom right corner. The other week is on the second page without a running to-do list. But to be honest: I missed it a lot! My next weekly will definitely have some space for a running to-do list again!

Every time I had some space for a little scetch or some flowers I started drawing it with pencil. Then I added the gold color. When it was done I thought it didn’t had enough details and so I used the fineliner to made it more special. Most of all I love the little moon on the first ween. I’m still not sure whether I should fill in the moon in the gold colour but I think I will keep it as it is.

This is my Bullet Journal setup for February so far. I don’t have a weekly spread for the last week because I forgot to paint it and now I don’t have the time to do anything I would like to use. I hope you can understand why I stopped posting my spreads for such a long time. Now I’m back and I can’t wait to show you my setups for the next monthy and share my opinions about the usability of it. 

See you next time!

logo with the writing of glitter is black

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