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Bullet Journal – April & May

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Hello Sunshine

Welcome to my Bullet Journal Flip-Through

April and may have been very busy months for me. I had a huge amount of tasks for my bachelor thesis and working at least 20 hours a week simultaneously isn’t always that easy. So I was just using my BuJo without thinking of taking pictures or sharing my messy pages.

But may is over, my thesis is submitted and I have some time to share my Bullet Journal with you.

First things first: Even with all those messy pages and mistakes, I love these spreads! It helped me with a stressful phase and organized my life.

The quote on the first page is actually just a „remake“ of a quote I had my Bullet Journal for June 2018. The letter on the other side is just an a for April. That’s not very creative but minimalistic.

The monthly overview is divided in „life“ and „work“ although my life section doesn’t have many entries.

The right side is a time tracker. In april it felt like time was passing by and I wasn’t using it. So I decided to have this tracker to get an overview of what I’m doing all day and how I’m using my time.

Monthly overview



It's all about

the details

The april was all about mountains. I found some inspiration on Pinterest and painted them with  acrylic paint direcly in my Bullet Journal. The paper was still pretty good so I had no problems with that later on.

My weekly overviews were still pretty and pre-decorated in the beginning of the month. (Probably becaus of my procrastination). But I realized that some says I need more space and other days I don’t even have more than my three basic tasks I have to do every day. 

For my accent color I used my Tombow Dual Brush Pen number 772. It looks like an dusky pink and fits perfecly to the mountain vibe. April felt more like „dreaming about travelling“ than actually thinking about travveling. Not just because Covid-19 but also because my life in general.

For the final week of my bachelor thesis I wrote every day as it came. It is like the original Bullet Journal method. And so I changed the theme spontaneously because I liked one video I saw on tiktok.



Actually my may cover page was something else which I ended up not liking it so I took my acrylic paint and painted the whole page in black and blue. When it was dried i draw on it with a gold gel pen. It is still not perfect but I like it!

And to match the cover page I pasted an only geometric painting on the monthly overview. The right side is just a simple calendar.

Cover Page

Monthly Overview



but pretty

My may Bullet Journal is not as pretty as I usually do. I did not like the first weekly layout and tried my best to decorate it and make it look better. But it is okay now.

Because of this I changed my layout in the second week and made it as pretty as I could. Because whenever my pages are pretty I use them more often than I usually do.

For may the accent color I used my Tombow Dual Brush Pen number 026. It is kind of a dark yellow like a not-shiny gold. And for some days I felt more „shiny“ and used a gold gel pen.

Generally my theme was all about the night sky with all it’s stars and magic. After one very special week I kept it very simpel and did no doodles or any paintings at all.

For June I’m moving into a new journay because this one has reached its ends. I’m very excited and curious of how it will look like.

See you next time!

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