• Bullet Journal march setup by glitter is the new black

    Bullet Journal – March Setup

    Another month is already over, which is why the next month of my Bullet Journal needs to be prepared. Now, all my exams are done and I need to change my system again to make it suitable for my current holidays. Therefore, I want to show you my Bullet Journal setup for march.

  • Bullet Journal February setup

    Bullet Journal – February Setup

    I spent my whole weekend to draw the next 4 weeks and I’m quite happy with my results. This time my Bullet Journal setup for February is all featured with flowers.

  • Bullet Journal Galaxy theme thumbnail

    Bullet Journal – January Setup

    It is finally time, to show you my Bullet Journal setup for January! I have been using it for already two weeks now, which means I’m super duper late with this setup, but I can promise you, that it is effective, and I love it! This month, I decided to do the same topic as I did in January 2018: Galaxy! It was one of my favourite themes and I hope I will love mine as much as the old one (so far: I do!).

  • Bullet Journal December Setup with snow theme by glitter is black

    Bullet Journal – December Setup

    My to-do lists are longer than my days, for that reason I need a good well-structured place, where I can write down all my tasks and events. Even better if it looks pretty.