Nice to see you!

I’m Laura, 23 years old and the girl behind glitter is the new black. My homecountry is Germany but I lost my heart in Scotland. Currently I’m a student in the last term  and simultaneously working as marketing manager.

Since 2018 this blog is my baby. It started with a school project during my semester abroad where we had to make a blog and write about whatever we want to. So I took the chance to relaunch my old blog and created glitter is the new black. Since then I try to show inspiring and creativ content on this page and on my social media profiles. And it is so much fun!

girl in a circle by glitter is the new black

I’m a very postiv and happy person. My head is full of creative ideas, which can not wait to be realized.

My bachground is overly theoretical because I’m studying business administration with focus in marketing and human resource management. And honestly, I loved this studdy and I’m good in what I do, but I always wanted to learn more than theories about digital marketing. So I use this blog to make use of my klowledge and learn even more with the goal to become a digital marketing manager some day.

How did it all started?

I had my first blog when I was 13 years old. It was a basic tumblr blog and I was writing about school, my friends and my life. It was just a digital diary. When I grew older my friends started to laugh at me and I stopped publishing anything.

I started blogging again at the end of 2015 when I was going to be an au pair in America. By this time my blog was all about preparation and living in the US. But after this experience I didn’t want to stop and kept on writing. My content changed to Bullet Journaling, creativity and lifestyle. And this is what it is today!

I’m writing about the things I love and I would like to read.

What can you expect?

My blog is as colourful as my life. You can find everything about Bullet Journaling, creativity, TV series and other inspirations. Have fun and I hope you enjoy reading my blogposts!